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Минский районн, Колодищанский с/с, р-н а/г Колодищи-2, 40/1-4, Минск, Беларусь
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+375 (44) 728-07-67
+375 (17) 388-07-67


Briefly about the enterprise ADL "KASKADENERGO"

Additional Liability Company "KASKADENERGO" represents their production for 8 years on the market of the Republic of Belarus. More than 500 product names are of electrotechnical destination, steel and consumer goods. The motto of the company is "Good quality, low price".

The main part of the products is classified as an import-substituting and has been widely used in agriculture, construction and energy.

The company offers panels, posts, control boxes, box connectors, metering plates, cabinets, panels of outdoor lighting, water-distribution devices, cable trays, boxes, metal products for individual orders, and other low-voltage and high-voltage equipment of distribution and metering.

Highly qualified specialists of the company invites to collaboration.

Director: Gennady Kasperovich (8-029-665-92-62)

ADL “CASKADENERGO” 220125, Minsk, Uruchskaya street 12A/16 190549474

tel: (+375-17) 266-03-11, tel. / fax: (+375-17) 266-78-05, (+375-29) 663-27-43,665-92-62


mail: kaskadenergo@mail.ru

3012450300023 Branch № 508 "Belinvestbank" 220125, Minsk, Gintovta street, 30 kod739